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Photo: Olaf Mitchell

The next Nalu Wahine in our ongoing series of interviews with women that are keeping the stoke of women’s windsurfing/wave sailing alive and flourishing is Ingrid Larouche.

 I have had many wave sailing sessions with Ingrid this year. We both participated in the Pistol River Wave Bash last summer and she frequents our local wave break at Kuau when she’s not charging Hookipa.

NW:  Hi Ingrid, First of all it was cool to share that wave at Kanaha with you the other day. I hope that I wasn’t in your way too much.

IL:  That was a good wave Olaf but please don’t ever drop in on me again! Ha, Ha, I’m just kidding!

NW:   It was kinda crowded there wouldn’t you agree? 

IL:  It was very busy Olaf! That’s what you happens with a big northwest swell. The waves get real big at Hookipa and the whole north shore closes out ! Seems like most of the sailors on the island wind up at Kanaha at the same time.

NW:   Ingrid can you tell us a little bit about where you’re from and how long you have been windsurfing?

IL:    I’m from Lac-St-Jean, a small region north of Quebec in Canada. I now live in the Columbia River George most of the year.  I have been windsurfing for about 12 years now.

NW:  Do you have any favorite spots to wind surf?

IL:   I haven’t traveled overseas yet, but Maui and San Carlos in Baja are probably my favorite spots so far.

 NW:   Are there any highlights in your wind surf career that you would like to share?

IL:   Well last year I won the US Nationals, and the Pistol River Wave Bash, and won the last few freestyle competitions that were held In the US.  Back in 2008 I won the
Freestyle Frenzy, and the George Games.

Photo: Olaf Mitchell
Photo: Olaf Mitchell
NW:   What‘s next on your list of destinations or goals?

IL:   I’m going to Waddell in California as part of the American Windsurfing Tour. I have wanted to check this spot out for a while so I am looking forward to finally go sail there.
 NW:   On the subject of the American Windsurfing Tour do you have any thoughts that you would like to share?

IL:   I’m really excited about the AWT. There’s a lot of really great stops and I ‘m gonna try to make all of them. I wish there were more women entering and competing. The turnout for women has been pretty small in the last few events that I have gone to in the US and in Mexico, and that doesn’t draw much attention for women unfortunately.

NW:   What other sports that you are mildly or passionately involved in?
IL:   I’m big into mountain biking. The George is awesome for that. I’ve been participating in the Oregon Super D Series and plan to compete again this year.

NW:   What companies are you sponsored by Ingrid? 

IL:   I am currently sponsored by Maui Sails, Dakine, Makani Fins. and Tabou

NW:   What is your occupation?

IL:   I’m a physical therapist but I’m working part-time only these days so I can peruse my windsurfing goals.

NW:   Ingrid, do you have any role models or personal heroes?

IL:   I don’t know about personal heroes but being here on Maui  right now, I really look up to Junko Nagoshi who is such an amazing wave sailor and dominates at Hookipa. I learn a lot from watching her sail.

Photo: Olaf Mitchell

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