Monday, March 28, 2011


  We are chatting with Sam Bittner today.
Sam is one of our local windsurf charger Wahines at Kuau here on the north shore of Maui
I have sailed with Sam ever since she came on the scene.
She has amazed us with how quickly she has progressed with the sport of windsurfing.
Sam seems to always be smiling and never has a negative word to say. Even when the ocean has spanked her good she gets right back out there!
Sam is a busy woman these days with her latest project.
I’ll let her tell you about it herself but first let’s get some back ground information.

Hi Sam, thanks for sharing a bit of your story for our readers at “Nalu Wahine".

NW:  Where are you from?

SB:  I was born in Texas and grew up in a small cow town of Enumclaw, Washington right at the base of Mt. Rainier.

NW:  How long have you been wind surfing Sam?

SB:  I learned to windsurf in a class at Western Washington University on a lake with very light wind. I learned to water start when I moved to Maui three years ago.

NW:  What are your favorite spots to windsurf Sam?

SB:  My favorite spot is my back yard, Kuau. It’s a special place because I live the challenge, then wave, and very much the people who sail there.  They’re my family away from home.

NW:  Are there any Highlights in your windsurfing career that you would like to share?

SB:  Yeah, Last year I took home my first windsurfing trophy, the Kuau Cup. This trophy is passed on to the Kuau Yacht Club Member that scores the most “Kuau Points” throughout the year. A point is scored when a sailor launches out through the Kuau Channel with the intent on returning to the launch. If, for whatever reason does not make it back through the channel to the launch site. Most points are scored when gear is broken, waves are too big, or the wind dies. I had 7 points last year. I’m looking forward to passing on the trophy this year

.NW:   What’s next on your list of windsurfing goals Sam?

SB:  I want to do a forward loop and compete in the “Hatteras Wave Jam”.

NW:  Where do you hope to travel this year for windsurfing?
SB:  Brazil! I have always wanted to go to South America and with all this talk of Kauli’s new center I plan to go as soon as the American Windsurfing Tour is completed in November.

NW:  Here’s what everyone is wondering Sam, How do you feel about how the American Windsurfing Tour is going?

SB:  I am feeling great about the Tour! It’s a lot of work but every one that I have reached out to is going out of their way to support the Tour. There’s a ton of support from the windsurf companies. I have a great team of staff following the entire Tour.

NW:  What do you hope to achieve by running the AWT?

SB:  The American Windsurfing Tour provides a venue for all wave sailors to showcase their skills and my goal is to inspire the future of the sport.

NW:  Are there other sports that you are mildly or passionately involved with Sam?

SB:  I love anything in the water, surfing, stand up paddling, swimming, and sailing. I also enjoy running.

Photo: Vinnie Armato

NW:  Who are your personal sponsors?

SB:  Currently I’m sponsored by Ezzy, Dakine, and Second Wind.

NW:  What is your occupation?

SB:  I am the “Tour Director” for the American Windsurfing Tour. I also work at Mama’s Fish House three nights a week. If you are on Maui, Mama’s should be on your list of things to do. It’s the most amazing restaurant that I have ever been to. Plus; it has an amazing view :)

NW:  Who are your personal hero’s Sam?

SB:  I am so lucky to be continually surrounded by inspirational people in the windsurfing world here on Maui and beyond. Matt Pritchard is a huge one. He always has a positive get it done attitude. Matt is an amazing friend, incredible windsurfer, coach, family man and overall hero!

NW:  Do you have a personal Motto that you would like to share?


NW:  Mahalo Sam!

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