Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sam Bittner

" I think it is important for all of us Windsurfers to work positively together to keep the momentum of the sport going! " Samantha Bittner the organizer of the 2011 American WindsurfingTour

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  1. I had a chance to chat with my friend Samantha Bittner at the beach a few days back and she said,"The AWT is for everyone who loves windsurfing, wavesailing in particular. The goal of the AWT is to provide a venue for everyone including 5 divisions: amateur, expert, masters, youth, and women. The 5 stops along the tour have been selected because of their consistent wind and waves, not because of money. It does cost money to organize and event like this, but the point is for everyone to get on the water and showcase the sport they love!
    Sam is the organizer of the 2011 American WindsurfingTour.
    Stay tuned for a more in depth interview with this "Nalu Wahine"