Sunday, February 27, 2011

Caprice Winniman

Caprice Nicole Winniman

Caprice gets my vote for one of the coolest girls on the planet

Not only is she a great athlete but a beautiful human as well. When she is not working you can usually find Caprice's smiling face at Kite Beach, Maui throwing down some cool moves on her kiteboard. She has only been kiteboarding for three years but has become one of the best women kiteboarders on Maui.You should see her riding strapless on her surfboard!!

Carice runs her own wedding photograghy business on Maui and and has even been featured in Modern Bride Magazine! Here is a link to her website: Caprice Nicole Photography

Here is the interview with Caprice

Maui Ocean Sports: How did you get in to kiteboarding?

Caprice: I took lessons from Diana , my dad and V

Maui Ocean Sports:What are your kiteboarding goals?

Caprice: Have FUN!

Maui Ocean Sports: Where is your favorite spot to kiteboard?

Caprice: Kite Beach, Maui

Maui Ocean Sports: What is your favorite discipline?

Caprice: Waves and Big Air

Maui Ocean Sports: Best trick?

Caprice: Love my little backroll to revert with downloop.(makes me happy!)

Maui Ocean Sports: What kites and board do you ride?

Caprice: Cabrinha

Maui Ocean Sports:Who is your favorite kiteboarder?

Caprice: Shaun Richman

Maui Ocean Sports:What person do you most admire?

Caprice: Karen Lang for her passion

Maui Ocean Sports:What sport did you do before kiteboarding?

Caprice: Surfing

Maui Ocean Sports:What sports do you currently enjoy??

Caprice: surf, SUP and kite

Maui Ocean Sports:What sports do you currently enjoy??

Caprice: surf, SUP and kite

Maui Ocean Sports:What are your other interests?

Caprice: Kiting seems to take up most of my time.....sometimes I take pictures

Maui Ocean Sports: Where are you from?

Caprice: Hawaii

Maui Ocean Sports: How long have you lived on Maui?

Caprice: Whole life

Maui Ocean Sports What is your occupation?

Caprice: Photographer

Maui Ocean Sports Tell us moe about yourself?

Caprice: I grew up on the Big Island and moved to Maui at age 15

Maui Ocean Sports What is your advice for anyone trying to get into the sport of kiteboarding?

Caprice: Don't decide how much you like the sport til you can stay upwind!

Maui Ocean Sports Tell us a secret about yourself?

Caprice: I'm shy

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